Are you getting enough?


Are you getting enough?

Enough what you may ask?  Well, I was thinking of enough of the good things you need to keep your mind and body healthy.  Depending on what you normally eat and drink, you may be consuming too many empty calories.  That mainly means that you are having too much sugar, or maybe even too much artificial sweetener, which is a whole other story, and perhaps too much of the wrong type of fat.  Unless we are mindful about what we eat and just go on taste, it’s possible to feel full on a diet that has provided very little of what the body actually needs to keep it in peak condition.  I know this is probably a weak analogy, but if you put water instead of the correct fuel into your lovely shiny new automobile, it wouldn’t go.  However clever and sophisticated it may be, it’s not nearly as clever and sophisticated as your body.  Your body is an intricate organism which needs the input of chemicals that interact with one another in multiple ways to keep your body in perfect condition.  The problem is that most of us fail to choose the correct foods in the optimum quantities to enable this activity to take place. 

What can you do?

Obviously the answer is easy – eat and drink only those foods that are going to provide all your daily needs in the correct quantities.  However, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s never as easy as that.  For one, you may not have acquired a taste for some of the foods you need to eat to ensure complete nutrition.  Secondly, it can be expensive, depending on the foods you prefer to eat and buying food ready-cooked can be very expensive.  Thirdly, sometimes it’s a bit daunting to make every meal from scratch, especially if you lead a busy life and are not confident with your cooking skills.  I’m sure there’s a place in a varied diet for a couple of take-outs per week, but not as the only food you eat.  Anyway, I’m sure that if you are reading this you know this already.  I suppose I’m just talking to myself really, and sharing my thoughts with you.

So, what can you really do?

Ultimately, you can only do your best, within the resources you have.  Ultimately it has to be cheaper and better to buy the raw ingredients and cook at home.  For one thing, you know you’ve washed your hands!  I know I don’t eat enough fish.  I love salads and chicken but it gets boring to have the same thing all the time.  By far the best thing to do is to plan meals, particularly the main meal of the day ensuring your plan includes a wide variety of protein, vegetables and fruit, and to shop accordingly. That way you don’t end up with a fridge full of leftovers and limp vegetables.  Try to shop locally and seasonally, support local food producers and buy organic where you can.  Finally, to make sure you are getting all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and things you never knew existed you could take a multivitamin supplement.  Our Whole Foods Multivitamins contain around 90 different ingredients, many extracted from fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, in quantities to ensure you get your daily allowance of each one.  We have a special offer at the moment:

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