Do you need help?

Do you need help? I certainly do. I need help with my will-power. On the whole I think I know what I should do, but doing it is an entirely different thing. For instance, I know that I shouldn't eat a packet of chips because that is a wasted opportunity to eat something far more nutritious, like a few nuts, or a stick of celery. But you know how it is, the nuts and celery don't seem half as attractive as the chips. Now I've started thinking about them I might just have to go and get a packet from the cupboard! Oh dear. Now, if I hadn't bought any I wouldn't bother. I might just have a few nuts, assuming I'd been clever enough to buy some. Well, as it happens, I have some in the cupboard. What a dilemma. What shall I do? Perhaps if I was on my own I would jump up and get the chips, but as I'm not on my own I might find my conscience kicking in and instead I'll choose the nuts!

So, I’m not perfect. I wonder what you would do?  If we plan our meals and eat sensibly, ensuring that we get all the nutrition we need, then that should help us to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body.  However, how many people do you know who do that?  In which case, wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a supplement that fills in all those gaps missing in your diet?  Our Whole Foods Multivitamin Tablets contain around 90 ingredients including vitamins, minerals, citrus blend, digestive enzyme blend, probiotic blend, omega blend, green and whole food blend, herb blend, vegetable blend, fruit blend and mushroom blend.  They are non-GMO, suitable for vegetarians, contain no artificial color or flavor, no preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no lactose, no gluten, no wheat and no fish.  They are made in the USA in an FDA Registered Facility working to GMP Standards.  They have been formulated by scientists who have many years’ experience of working with supplements and contain just about everything required to ensure optimal health. 

What can you expect to gain from taking these tablets?

To be honest, I don’t think they would heal a broken leg, but they certainly could help to make it heal faster.  They will help to maintain good vascular health, making it less likely you will suffer from heart problems.  They will help to maintain good blood sugar levels, assuming you aren’t over-consuming sugar through too many sodas, candies, and generally carbohydrate-based products that ultimately turn to sugar in the body.  They will help with cell renewal, digestive health, brain health, eye health and so on.  However, you have to do your part and make sure you eat fresh food most of the time, and take exercise.  Good diet and exercise are the key to good health.  Now, where's that packet of chips?