We all have our own experience of life, and each person’s experience is different from everyone else’s.  It’s impossible for anyone to have exactly the same experience of life as anyone else, even if they’re brought up in the same family, go to the same school, and so on.  Therefore it is highly likely that each one of us sees life in a slightly different way, even if we live in the same area or the same culture.  How do I know that when I look at a blade of grass that the person standing next to me sees it in the same way, or even recognizes ‘green’ in the same way that I do?  Or sometimes I might see it in a different way depending on the level or type of light, or even if I have had a glass too many of wine, for example.  Ever had that, or is it just me?

Anyway, we are all different.  However, there are many similarities in our physical makeup and it’s important that we eat and drink the right stuff to keep us healthy.  Some of us need slightly different nutritional elements because we may be allergic to something, like strawberries, and then we learn to avoid them, but generally our bodies need a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc, as well as protein, carbohydrates and water to keep us in tiptop condition.  Sadly we have become prey to advertising and fallen for fast food which is designed to keep us addicted so that we go back for more and more and the result is poor health in the form of diabetes, heart disease, poor dental health, and so many more ailments that I believe we would not suffer if only we ate a good, varied diet, rich in vegetables, fruit and good protein, preferably organic and local, but at least from a trusted source.  However, it seems that junk food can be cheaper, or people prefer it, or can’t or won’t prepare their own meals which is generally cheaper than buying pre-prepared food in a plastic dish which then creates its own recycling problem.

So, my message here is to rethink your diet if you know it’s not the best, cut out the junk food as much as possible, greatly reduce sugar consumption (sodas are laden with sugar) and don’t be fooled by the term ‘No Added Sugar’ because that just means it contains artificial sweeteners that may be even worse for your health than sugar.  We don't actually need to be scientists to eat all the nutritionally beneficial foods, but sometimes it seems it would help!   It is my belief that we are born to be well and the majority of illness is an aberration caused by faulty nutrition and poisons in the environment, as well as our own mental health.  Keep well, stay positive!