This has nothing to do with my business, other than loss of sleep, but I have a little tale to tell. 

A couple of nights ago I went to bed quite late, as is my habit, and read for a while.  About 1 am I decided it was time to lie down so I turned out the light and made myself comfortable.  I suddenly became aware of a high-pitched buzzing sound and immediately knew there was a mosquito in the room. 

Unfortunately I am a banquet for mosquitos and as I didn’t want to end up scratching for 2 weeks I turned the light back on and sat on the edge of my bed, looking around the room for the intruder.  I picked up the fly swatter that I keep on my bedside cabinet for such occasions, turned the centre light on and scanned the room, weapon in hand.  Normally they fly up against the ceiling so are quite easy to spot once you’ve focused correctly, but not this one.  He was lying low, making himself extremely hard to find.  I spent some minutes in this position with no luck, but all had gone quiet so I decided I couldn’t spend all night like this and decided to return to bed.  I turned out the centre light and then caught site of him, flying low in front of the door.  I managed to bat him with the swatter but he flew away and I was still after him.  In the meantime, trying to catch the little monster, I looked up at the ceiling and noticed a spider, spinning a web. 


Now, I don’t know about you, I don’t mind spiders but don’t actually want them in my bedroom – at night.  Only that morning I had taken the small kitchen steps back downstairs, having only a few days earlier captured a spider and released it outside.  So, downstairs I went to bring the steps back up.  However, on my way to the kitchen I looked down and saw something on the skirting board.  It was a slug. 

I have a great tolerance for most wildlife but I would prefer it if slugs would stay away from my property.  They are bad enough outside, eating the majority of anything I plant, but I really draw the line at having them in the house.  I found a tissue, picked it up and put it outside where it could join thousands of others, munching their way through anything delicate.  After this interruption I picked up the steps and a jar with a lid and returned to my bedroom where I eventually managed to catch the spider in the jar and put the lid on.  I felt it could wait until morning to be released as by this time I was rather fed up.  Having now dealt with 2 mini-beasts, I now had to find the perishing mosquito which had started the whole saga.  Once again I scanned the bedroom, swatter in hand, looking for the felon.  Aha, there he was.  Like a flash I swatted in his direction and I felt that this time I had got him.  After a while he didn’t reappear and all was quiet so at long last I felt I could relax and finally retire.  It was now 1.40 am and I was relieved to be able to go to bed, reasonably confident I wasn’t going to be woken up covered in itchy bites!