Most of us like a glass of wine, or beer, or whatever takes our fancy from time to time.  It's a way of socialising and bonding with our friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and so on.  And then we have another glass - oh, go on, have another - and then we do.  We may or may not feel intoxicated, probably depending on how accustomed we are to drinking alcohol.  I suppose we all have in the backs of our minds that there are sensible limits but it's hard to keep count - who's counting anyway?

A friend of mine recently found that she had high blood pressure and higher than normal cholesterol levels and she was shocked!  She had confided that she thought maybe she was drinking too much but it had become a comforting habit while she was preparing dinner that she didn't want to give up.  However, learning that her health might be at risk, and she didn't want to take medication, she immediately gave up alcohol.  She substituted a small glass of fruit juice or good quality cordial and found that this satisfied her thirst and she no long wanted an alcoholic drink.  So the question is, was she all this time drinking alcohol because she was thirsty, and as a result becoming thirstier, thus making her reach for the bottle again?  Perhaps this could be a reason for many people drinking alcohol to excess?  I don't know, but it certainly worked for her.  Also, using something special as a replacement made it more of an occasion than just drinking water, although water is very important and we should all aim to drink 1-2 litres (which is about 4-8 9 oz glasses) a day, probably depending on body size, what we're doing and the ambient temperature.

That's not the end of the story.  After 8 weeks without alcohol she had lost 12 lbs and was able to wear clothes she hadn't been able to get into for the last few years.  This has encouraged her to continue to lose weight by being a little more careful with her diet, not having naughty snacks but using fruit or nuts to satisfy those little cravings.  What a great result!

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